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Brass Plated Anchor Handbell 6

Brass Plated Anchor Handbell 6"

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nautical decorations
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Brass Plated Anchor Handbell 6"

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Key Features:
  • Highly Polished lustrous brass finish
  • Functional Ringing hand bell you can actually use
  • Unique Design anchor and rope handle
  • Quantity Discounts of 10% on orders of 20 or more, 15% on orders of 25 or more, and 20% on orders of 50 or more

Additional Information

The brass ship bell came to be used in various ceremonies aboard ship, as well as acting as an essential tool for safety and order on board. During christening services brass bells were rung, and were often filled with water for baptisms, with the name of the child being inscribed on the brass ship bell as a way of bringing the ship and the country’s people together. The brass ship bell was also rung when visiting officers, heads of state, or other important people came aboard, with an entire system of rings developed specifically for this honor guard. Equally as important, brass hand bells, and larger ship bells, were rung in funeral services for sailors at sea. As a euphemism for the end of a sailor’s journey, as eight bells ring to signal the end of a sailor’s watch day, eight bells tolled when a sailor was buried at sea to mark the end of his final watch.